15" Premium Log Home Cabin Coated Wood Fastener Hex Head Screws

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15" Premium Log Home Cabin Coated Wood Fastener Hex Head Screws.


5/16” Hex Head Large Built-In Washer

Chamfered Underhead

Heat Treated Steel Shank

  • Unique wing design reduces drilling torque and allows natural log settlement (lengths 8”-15”) - reduces equipment costs, eliminates installation failures

  • Heat treated steel provides maximum pull down, shear & tensile strengths - heat treating improves structural properties and part reliability

  • Exclusive Blue E-Coat corrosion resistant coating outperforms other finishes - exceeds Factory Mutual Corrosion-Resistance Standard 4470.

  • Waxed parts speed installation, reduces drilling torque, and improves drill life

  • Packaged in durable plastic pails - protects parts from weather, can be stored on site, and comes with easy carrying handle

  • Trusted engineering data based on ICC Evaluation Service ESR 1876 - assures maximum performance based upon independent evaluation

Blue Max Features & Benefits:

  • Self Drilling, Fast & Easy to install - no pilot pre-drilling required, saves time and money

  • Hex Head ensures secure non-slip engagement - user friendly and simple to insert

  • Large built-in washer guards against overdriving - assures proper setting depths and provides added pulldown strength for warped logs

  • Chamfered underhead allows countersinking - eliminates added steps with lag screws

  • Free magnetic driver bit with every pail - no additional expenses, installation begins immediately, magnetic bit secures fastener insertion for higher efficiency

  • Free heavy duty washer with every pail - greatly enhances pulldown power for warped and twisted logs

  • Oversized thread provides increased strip-out resistance and high pull-out strength so that logs stay securely locked together

  • Rico point for light gauge steel penetration (if applicable)

  • 3” thread length - maximum pullout resistance when compared to the competition

Unique Wing Design

Head Type: 5/16” Hex Thread Diameter: .317” Shank Diameter: .230”

Thread Length: 3” T.P.I: 7.5
Point Type: Rico

3” Long Oversized Thread

Rico Point

Part # 15”  B6720-932F

Carton Wt. 47 (lbs) 

Installation Instructions: Use 1/2” high torque, low speed drill (0-1000 RPM)
with 5/16” hex driver. Allow for minimum 3” penetration into the bottom log with 1/4” countersink depth. Always consult your engineer for proper placement procedures.

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With Torque Reducing Wings

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